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Illustration and animation for Private Equity company

Adam Hartley

A rebrand of a software development company that is owned by a super nice couple and a great client to work with. One of them is a veteran, hence the name Valyr, which is pronounced like valor. The only element we kept from the old logo was the eagle.


Ok, I think I found how to win against twitter video compression, GIF 🤙 Anyway, here it is, main card switching, in sharia business banking dashboard 💳✨


Landing page for Squadformers. I worked closely with @littke and the team to create something dynamic and fresh. I've joined the team full-time as of November!

Alex Eiman

Day 4Design and dev for this custom @webflow CMS state map experience for one of my favorite clients in 2023, @wrapbook.

Take it for a drive here: https://buff.ly/3TNptPR

Corey Moen

Day 16 #daretoshare24 Design I made for a creative agency. Here is the hero section only. Posted the full design on another post.http://hellokinser.com

Luis R

Brand Identity for the renewable energy industry leader @ensys_eu We have 3 brand identity spots in February, let’s build your dream brand!

Alex Socoloff

#13 — UI Design & Branding concept for an artists and talents agency

Cyril Jegou

Sad to see the @Cron icon deleted, one of the best icon design ever, made by @jasonyuandesign.

However, I look forward to seeing the next features in @notioncalendar led by @raphaelschaad.

Day 13 ✅

Sébastien Deconinck

Day 13 - #daretoshare24 Imaging having the ability to test a wallpaper / mural, before buying it, that's the concept

Ayoub kada

day 15 - just playing a bit with @splinetool and some glass materials for an test I'm working on. Playing with materials on Spline is definitely fun!

Diego Toda de Oliveira

#4 — We bring design. A mock design event LP originally created for Webflow Conf 2022’s keynote. You can also find the site used on https://webflow.com/designer

Skylar Kitchen

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